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Bridger Ear, Nose & Throat

Bridger Ear, Nose & Throat Consultation | 406-556-9798 | Bozeman MTBridger Ear, Nose & Throat Consultation | 406-556-9798 | Bozeman MTBridger Ear, Nose & Throat Consultation | 406-556-9798 | Bozeman MTBridger Ear, Nose & Throat Consultation | 406-556-9798 | Bozeman MTBridger Ear, Nose & Throat Consultation | 406-556-9798 | Bozeman MTBridger Ear, Nose & Throat Consultation | 406-556-9798 | Bozeman MT
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Tel: 406-556-9798
Fax: 406-556-9795

Bridger Ear, Nose & Throat - West Location

Tel: 406-556-9798
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"My experience seeing Dr. Dodson was excellent because he knew exactly what needed to be done to treat my ear right the first time, and he thoroughly explained everything that he was doing and why it was being done. He gave me time to ask questions instead of just rushing through.  Also, the patient portal system is an excellent idea that I haven't seen at any other doctor's office.  One evening I had an issue with my ear and so I sent a message on the portal, and sure enough, I had a phone call within in 15 minutes of the office opening the next morning, I was way impressed.  Also, all the office staff and assistants are outstanding.  I was very pleased with my overall experience, and if I ever need to see an ENT again, it will be Dr. Dodson." Natalie J.

“I have been going to Dr. Dodson for almost 5 years. What I appreciate about him is that he explains what is going to be done, addresses your questions and fears and is thorough and follows up.  He explained my nasal cancer so much more than my Oncologist. I would and have highly recommended him. His staff is very kind and caring.” Susie H.

"Dr. Dodson performed surgery for a deviated septum and turbinate reduction in October, 2015 and my chronic sinus infections have been eliminated. I am a pleased patient!" Ken R.

"I was very skeptical when a lactation consultant referred me to Doctor Dodson for my newborn's tongue tie. My newborn was five weeks and breastfeeding had been the worst experience! I'd been working with lactation consultants every week but it wasn't until week 5 that one of them checked under his tongue. I scheduled a consultation (not expecting to actually go through with the procedure). Once Dr. Dodson recommended getting it snipped and said there wasn't really a downside, my husband and I decided to go through with it. Five seconds and a few whimpers later it was done! I nursed him right away and I couldn't believe the dramatic difference! It was the first time in 5 weeks that I wasn't in tears from the pain. His latch was so much wider. Thanks to Dr. Dodson, breastfeeding went from something I dreaded to something I actually look forward to." Ashley O.


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